Fashion film

Regie: Daan Groot
Producent: Stefanie Mensink & Erik Mertens
Functie: Setdresser

The MARTAN film was inspired by the limiting stigma of spirituality. Director Daan Groot, together with photographer Jasper Abels, portrays an eclectic and hedonistic youth cult performing drug fuelled rituals of Dionysian nature. Exposing their ever growing bond in the flaming light of their mutual and somewhat sexual quest to explore each other, their spiritual being as well as their shared role in a world where religion tends to radicalize or disappear.


  • WINNER Young Discovery Award / Fashion Film Festival Istanbul 2017
  • NOMINATED Best Emerging Talent / Canadian Fashion Film Festival 2018
  • NOMINATED Best Dutch Fashion Film / Fashionclash Fashion Film Festival Maastricht 2017
  • INTERNATIONAL SELECTION / Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival 2018
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION / Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2018
  • ONLINE SHOWROOM / Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2018